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Most People Don't Talk Enough About How Lucky They Are

Jonny Corndawg at Bardot in Hollywood, CA

A few weeks ago, I went to a free show at Bardot that featured Serenades, Papa, and Jonny Corndawg. It was such a blast and all three bands were amazing. The boys of Dawes were Jonny’s backing band so throughout the night the group was lovingly referred to as “CornDawes.” Jackson Browne showed up to support the boys and I had a lovely chat with him afterwards. After Jonny’s set we talked a bit about his leather work and just shot the breeze. It was a rainy LA night and we left with Jackson walking down the stairs behind us. He was concerned about all of us getting wet while walking to our cars but after assuring him we were fine, we bolted across the street with another amazing night behind us.

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